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Structure Fire Drill 2/20/03
A Street IC

structure fire drill with real fire
(well contained) and smoke machines

backup line for firing operations

search and rescue prepares for entry

Entry Begins AFTER RIC is in place

2 in / 2 out (Backup Crew) was used instead of RIC for one scenario

Captain Banuelos insures smoke machines are operating

Debriefing after each scenario

R8161 provides breathing support
1. Practice Proper Communication (Lt Fernandez will be fire comm)
2. Practice ICS (from recent ICS class)
3. Practice Firefighter Accountability (per Monterey County standards, name tags on engine AND with IC)
4. Certify Firefighters on SCBA (those needing it make sure to notify IC)
5. Practice RIC or 2-in/2-out (RIC as a separate crew or 2-in/2-out as backup crew)
6. Practice Pump Operations for Driver’s (Sr. Engineer monitor and assist engineers)
7. Practice Proper Structural Firefighting Techniques

1. Conduct realistic drill from 7 pm to 9 pm
a. Briefing - 7
b. Respond First Scenario – 7:10
c. Respond Second Scenario – 7:45
d. Respond Third Scenario – 8:20
2. Respond Realistically: T8171, E8111, then R8161
a. Develop Command with proper communications (tactical channel?)
b. Smoke and flames showing, possible rescue situation
c. Establish Command Structure
i. Water Supply
ii. Interior
iii. Safety
iv. RIC (or backup team for 2-in/2-out)
v. Conduct primary search
vi. Extinguish fire
3. Rotate Officer, Engineer, and Firefighters after each Scenario
a. T8171 moves to R8161
b. E8111 moves to T8171
c. R8161 moves to E8111
4. Last Officer and Engineer ensures equipment is ready for next call when in quarters

Firing Operations

1 . Large Tank with dirt on the bottom to prevent burn through
2 . Flairs (4) to light three fires
3 . Small bucket to contain fire
4 . Burn Material (3 bags)
a. Rags
b. Paper
c. wood

1 . Full turnouts for firing and safety officer
2 . All personnel in building when fire is lit will wear SCBA (on air optional)
3 . Firing will only take place when another person can observe firing officer

1 . Move tank to room desired
2 . Ensure dirt covers the bottom of tank
3 . Empty bucket in yard (not house, it may burn)
4 . Place empty bucket in center of tank
5 . Fill bucket with burn material (one package)
6. Light fire

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