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July 16, 2002 - 7 am
Structure Fire
A City Institution - The Little Swiss (310 Alta)

The Little Swiss Burns

a small amount of smoke from the roof at first

The 300 block of Alta with smoke

Ventilation efforts first saw small amount of smoke

After ventilation by CTF crew

IC coordinating effort on the A side

Interior after ceiling pulled

Owner helping with salvage operatoins

Attic area that cooked for many hours

Interior after fire department is cleared
Gonzales Volunteer Fire Department called for assistance from Salinas Rural, CTF, and Soledad. Captain Mario Mottu was IC, Chief Harold Wolgamott was Ops, Lt. Jason Muscio took Interior with Salinas Rural, CTF Chief Dugan took Ventilation, Soledad Captain Jesse Casillas was exposure B, David Martinez was exposure D, Engineer Lupe Morales ran Water Supply, Engineer Stan Duby ran the the Breathing Support. Quick response by Police Officer/Firefighter John Amaro, first on the scene, gave an acurate size-up and was the reason for the quick response of the many departments. Coordinated effort of the fire departments were essential in the saving of the building and the block. Common walls made for excitement. City Manager Hesling viewed the operations and said he was proud of the coordination provided by the Gonzales Volunteer Fire Department.
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