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May 23, 2002
Child Seat Evening
at the Gonzales Volunteer Firehouse
Office of Traffic Safety Grant provided the training and equipment.
Gonzales Volunteer Firefighters are giving away Child Restraint devices to people in need of them, FREE.
The volunteers train the recipient in the proper use and GIVE them a device.

Trainer John amaro teaches Engineers Lupe Morales and Lynn Miller proper use of child seats

Lieutenant Baluelos makes sure the crew, Maturino, Dubys (2), Fernandez, and Guttierrez, follow manufacurer's instructions.

Firefighter Amaro teaches a large group how different seats look and adjust.

Dubys demonstrate device options to Lietenant Felix Maturino

The front table practices after viewing a training tape provided by Monterey County Health Department, Injury Prevention Division.
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