Gonzales Volunteer Fire Department

Application Process for Volunteer Firefighters


Phase 1 The application

1. Applications are available from the Gonzales Volunteer Fire Department or City Hall. Complete two applications: Gonzales Volunteer Fire Department and City of Gonzales. Return applications to City Hall.

2. An interview will be scheduled with the executive committee from the Gonzales Volunteer Fire Department.

3. The executive committee will forward a recommendation to the Gonzales City Manager.


Phase 2 The Conditional Offer

The City Manager may make a conditional offer to the applicant for a position on the Gonzales Volunteer Fire Department. This offer will be conditioned on successful physical exam, drug test, background check, and a clean (less than 3 points) driving record.

All volunteer firefighters are at will.

1. The Gonzales Medical Group will perform the physical exam. The forms for the exam will be provided with the conditional offer of a position. The applicant will schedule the exam, Saturday and evening appointments may be available. The City will pay for this exam. Forms are to be returned to City Hall.

2. The Gonzales Police Department will arrange the drug testing after successful completion of the physical exam. The City Manager, or assistant, will issue a control number to the applicant, 675-5000. This control number will be given to the Police Chief, or designee, when a sample is provided. The applicant should call the Police Chief, 675-5010, and schedule the testing. The Police Chief can make arrangements after normal hours if necessary.

3. The Gonzales Police Department will conduct a sufficient background investigation based on the Release of Information Agreement. This agreement MUST be notarized.

4. The Applicant shall provide to the city for review, a DMV printout of driving record, three points maximum on driving record must be sustained while a member of the Gonzales Volunteer Fire Department.


Phase 3 - Acceptance

1. After results are received by the City Manager, the applicant will be notified.

2. The Fire Chief may swear in the applicant as a probationary firefighter at the earliest convenience after all conditions are met.

3. Probation will be a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 1 year.

4. A probationary candidate may be terminated at any time without cause.

5. After fulfilling the probationary requirements, the Fire Chief shall submit a written report to the City Manager for determination of successful probationary period.